Wednesday, October 17, 2012

Feeling Displaced

Some of you may already know that last Monday, October 8th, I returned home from taking Gabe to the doctor around 11:30am to find that our home had been broken into.  My secure life was shaken to its core.  Our safe and loving home was destroyed by some broken individual(s) that felt the need to steal our belongings as well as our birth certificates and social security cards from our lock box.  I know that most things stolen were material posessions, but those belongings meant something to my family and me.  My camera along with all of my camera cards and my laptop that had my pictures downloaded onto it is something that I cannot replace.  My locket that had my sons' photos in it from when they were little cannot be replaced either.  I have had it over 9 years, and I am sure they do not make it anymore.  My JFK memorabilia from Chad as a Christmas present when we were dating was another stolen item.  So much was taken, and it just makes me so disheartened.  An act of robbery is not just one of stealing personal possessions, but it is of a higher magnitude in the damage that it causes.

We moved out of our home that same day.  I didn't know that Sunday, October 7th was going to be our last night in our home we had made together for almost 11 years.  Yes, we are moving, and we have been planning to move this month, but that was not the last memories that I was hoping to make in that home.  What a horrible feeling to have to endure, and I pray that my boys are okay, and they know that Chad and I will always protect them and keep them as safe as we can!  So, to those that robbed my family of our possessions, our safety and security, our last nights in our home-I will one day forgive you, but for now, you have accomplished what you set out to do.

Friday, October 5, 2012

Some layout sharing

I have actually been scrapping lately!  I wanted to share a few of the layouts that I have finished!


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