Wednesday, January 20, 2010

A Heavy Heart

This week has just started, and I already feel blah!
I don't know if it is the gloomy weather or what....where is the sunshine?1?!

I have not had much motivation lately to get much done.  I think the take it easy mentality from being sick has spilled over into my "healthier" state, and I can't seem to get things done that I would like to.

I hate to complain.  My life is so good and blessed, especially in comparison to those in Haiti.  I have no room to complain.  My heart is so heavy for those experiencing such devastation.
Please keep this devastated country in your thoughts and prayers.  This country needs to be blanketed with prayers, and I know that we can do this small thing for them.

It just makes the small everyday tasks that I complete or at least try to complete seem so meaningless and unimportant.  It is hard to be motivated when there are some suffering so much. 
I hope to feel better tomorrow and be more motivated as well.
I am just thinking out loud.

Tuesday, January 12, 2010

Being sidelined

The dreaded stomach bug has made its way into my home, and I have been been it's first and hopefullly only victim. (knock on wood)
I hate the stomach bug! I have been out of commission for more than 24 hours, and my house shows it! Luckily, my hubby was able to stay home from work yesterday to take care of the boys and get Gabe to and from school. He let me sleep on the couch, and the boys enjoyed some nice time with thier daddy.
I have no energy to get the house in shape, but I don't really have a choice. (You mommies know what I am talking about.) You just don't really get days off or sick days. It just doesn't work like that.
Oh well, hopefully I will feel better soon, and that the boys or the hubster won't be sidelined either.

Wednesday, January 6, 2010

A Happy Heart

I recieved the best news today!
My heart is healthy!
After another round of testing which included another stress test and an echo, my heart is officially okay!
I still have my original condition that I take medication for, and that is not going away, but there is nothing new wrong with my ticker.
I am excited and overjoyed.
Stress and worry had been consuming my days, but today is the first day that I have truly felt relieved and happy.
My heart is happy today!
God is so good, and prayers are so healing and calming. Thank you everyone who has kept my in their thoughts and prayers. I am truly blessed!
Now, I just need to exercise more and cut out caffeine in my diet. My cardiologist is pretty confident that if I follow through on those two things that I can come off of my medication completely. Yay!

Tuesday, January 5, 2010

My 200th Post!!

What better way to celebrate my 200th post than with a giveaway!
Traci at Beneath My Heart is hosting an awesome giveaway on her blog that you must check out. You really do NEED to check it out!! After you read how to enter the drawing, please stick around and read about Traci and prepare to be inspired. Beneath My Heart has become a daily reading for me, and I love all of her ideas and inspiration that she gives out!
Just click on one of the links above, or here to check out the contest!

Monday, January 4, 2010

An old "new" kitchen companion

Yes, I do like to cook, but I do not do it often enough.
I have made a resolution of sorts to cook at home more than eating out in a week's time.
(I don't know how that will go.)
Anyway, I have had this certain kitchen friend (appliance) since Chad and I were married.
Up until about 6 months ago, I could've counted on one hand how many times it had seen my kitchen counter tops.
Now, it is my new best friend!!
It is home to my culinary wonders of pancakes, french fries, salisbury steak, chicken tenders, gravy, and the list can go on and on.
I am in lurrrrrve with it, and I cannot wait until it discolors because of long term usage.
Can you guess what it is?
It's my electric skillet!!!
If you do not own one currently, then might I suggest that you run to your nearest Wal-Mart and pick one up! Your kitchen life will change forever!
Happy Cooking everyone!


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