Wednesday, January 16, 2008

To the doctor I go....

So, I just walked in from the front porch as I waved good-bye to all of my boys in our new minivan (of course). :-) My husband is doing my job this morning by toting my oldest to preschool and then taking my youngest to my mom's to hang out for 2 hours until Gabe is done at 11:15. It's hard to let someone else do your job because you never know if they execute it in a way that you would. I think the job of mom is the hardest to let someone else do for you. I love staying home with my boys. I love hearing how Gabe thinks my smallest toy is weird looking, and then he shows me his feet and says his looks better. I wouldn't get that if I weren't home with him. Graedon is awesome when it comes to me taking a bath for the day. He loves baths and tries to climb in with me or at least he throws toys in there that he thinks I need. Love it.

Anyway, I am getting the morning off from my job as mom because I have an appointment with a new cardiologist today. I have a heart condition that causes me to pass out at times (I've only passed out once on my own). I don't want to be on medication the rest of my life, so I am hoping this new cardiologist will help me with that. I am a bit nervous, so I would appreciate any prayers and happy thoughts today.

Tuesday, January 15, 2008

American Idol

Does anyone else love when American Idol starts as much as I do? My husband and I sit down and watch it after the boys go to bed on the DVR so we can fast forward through commercials. I just hate that I get so embarrassed for the not so great singers. I have to hide my face. I know it's silly, but I also do that. Oh well, I hope everyone caught the 2 hour season premiere tonight. I love it!

Wednesday, January 9, 2008

Thanks Mom

My mom is so great to me. As I mentioned in my post from yesterday, Graedon, my youngest, has been giving us some trouble during the night. He's not sleeping through the night, and he screams to the point of getting sick everywhere if I do not go and get him. Well, it's been horrible for mine and Chad's sleeping. We've been exhausted. So, my mom so willingly offered to let Graedon stay with her last night because she had today off. She then proceeded to take Gabe for the afternoon after his preschool, and I was able to have lunch with my hubby at a local bar that we loved to eat lunch at before we had the boys. It was such a great day, and I have my mom to thank for it.

Eventhough having some time to myself today was awesome, it is also nice to have my boys home, bathed and sitting on the couch with daddy watching a short movie with daddy before bedtime. Thanks Mom, you're the best!

Tuesday, January 8, 2008

I need to blog more...

I really want to blog more, but I guess sometimes I have no idea what to say. I read other peopole's blogs, and I am inspired by their words and encouraged to blog as well. So, I just kind of give up and think that I won't inspire or encourage anyone else with what I have to say. I need to get over that, and just take blogging as a way to vent and organize all the thoughts that I have. So, I think I will just list a few things that are going on in my mind at this moment of my life.

*I love to scrapbook, but I hate that I haven't had anytime to really sit down and work on any of my projects. I miss scrapping at home in my spare time.

*I have 2 boys, Gabe who is now almost 4 and a half, and Graedon is 16 months old. I love them with all of my heart, but sometimes I would love to have a day off from being a stay at home mommy just to take time for me.

*Graedon isn't sleeping through the night unless he is sleeping beside me. I could handle that so much better if he would actually lay still and stay asleep. Instead he sits straight up, flops and climbs onto a pillow and kicks the covers off. I am afraid with all of that flopping that he is going to flop right off the bed and/or kick me in the face.

*I really want a date night with my husband. I miss us right now. I feel that we really haven't taken the time to take care of each other since before the holidays. I just want to laugh and hang out with him.

*I need to lose weight. I need to quit snacking so much. I want to be healthy and have a healthy weight.

*I feel that I am griping about my laugh in this post, so I want anyone that is reading this to know that I am very happy with my life. I love my husband more everyday, and I haven't experienced love like that of loving your kids (even when they're hitting each other and fighting).

*I recently became an owner of a minivan. I am now a minivan momma. I feel old at the age of 28.

Okay, I think that is enough for now. I feel a little better that I've at least gotten a new post on my blog almost a year later.


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