Tuesday, January 8, 2008

I need to blog more...

I really want to blog more, but I guess sometimes I have no idea what to say. I read other peopole's blogs, and I am inspired by their words and encouraged to blog as well. So, I just kind of give up and think that I won't inspire or encourage anyone else with what I have to say. I need to get over that, and just take blogging as a way to vent and organize all the thoughts that I have. So, I think I will just list a few things that are going on in my mind at this moment of my life.

*I love to scrapbook, but I hate that I haven't had anytime to really sit down and work on any of my projects. I miss scrapping at home in my spare time.

*I have 2 boys, Gabe who is now almost 4 and a half, and Graedon is 16 months old. I love them with all of my heart, but sometimes I would love to have a day off from being a stay at home mommy just to take time for me.

*Graedon isn't sleeping through the night unless he is sleeping beside me. I could handle that so much better if he would actually lay still and stay asleep. Instead he sits straight up, flops and climbs onto a pillow and kicks the covers off. I am afraid with all of that flopping that he is going to flop right off the bed and/or kick me in the face.

*I really want a date night with my husband. I miss us right now. I feel that we really haven't taken the time to take care of each other since before the holidays. I just want to laugh and hang out with him.

*I need to lose weight. I need to quit snacking so much. I want to be healthy and have a healthy weight.

*I feel that I am griping about my laugh in this post, so I want anyone that is reading this to know that I am very happy with my life. I love my husband more everyday, and I haven't experienced love like that of loving your kids (even when they're hitting each other and fighting).

*I recently became an owner of a minivan. I am now a minivan momma. I feel old at the age of 28.

Okay, I think that is enough for now. I feel a little better that I've at least gotten a new post on my blog almost a year later.

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Stacey said...

So glad you decided to update. I'm a blog junkie and I think you should just post about whatever is interesting to YOU and other people will like it or doesn't really matter. I totally feel the same way about almost all of those things you mentioned! (Except the minivan-we got an SUV instead. :) ) Take care and I hope you post more often!


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