Wednesday, January 9, 2008

Thanks Mom

My mom is so great to me. As I mentioned in my post from yesterday, Graedon, my youngest, has been giving us some trouble during the night. He's not sleeping through the night, and he screams to the point of getting sick everywhere if I do not go and get him. Well, it's been horrible for mine and Chad's sleeping. We've been exhausted. So, my mom so willingly offered to let Graedon stay with her last night because she had today off. She then proceeded to take Gabe for the afternoon after his preschool, and I was able to have lunch with my hubby at a local bar that we loved to eat lunch at before we had the boys. It was such a great day, and I have my mom to thank for it.

Eventhough having some time to myself today was awesome, it is also nice to have my boys home, bathed and sitting on the couch with daddy watching a short movie with daddy before bedtime. Thanks Mom, you're the best!

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