Wednesday, January 16, 2008

To the doctor I go....

So, I just walked in from the front porch as I waved good-bye to all of my boys in our new minivan (of course). :-) My husband is doing my job this morning by toting my oldest to preschool and then taking my youngest to my mom's to hang out for 2 hours until Gabe is done at 11:15. It's hard to let someone else do your job because you never know if they execute it in a way that you would. I think the job of mom is the hardest to let someone else do for you. I love staying home with my boys. I love hearing how Gabe thinks my smallest toy is weird looking, and then he shows me his feet and says his looks better. I wouldn't get that if I weren't home with him. Graedon is awesome when it comes to me taking a bath for the day. He loves baths and tries to climb in with me or at least he throws toys in there that he thinks I need. Love it.

Anyway, I am getting the morning off from my job as mom because I have an appointment with a new cardiologist today. I have a heart condition that causes me to pass out at times (I've only passed out once on my own). I don't want to be on medication the rest of my life, so I am hoping this new cardiologist will help me with that. I am a bit nervous, so I would appreciate any prayers and happy thoughts today.

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