Wednesday, April 11, 2007


When is the first time you...

fell in love ? It was with my now husband, Chad. He has been my first real love, and now we have a beautiful family of 2 boys, Gabe who is 3 and a half and Graedon our 7 month old. I love my family so much!

lost someone close to you? That would have to be my Grandma Guinn. Losing her was one of my "God Moments." I have been afraid of death eventhough I am a Christian and know that ultimately I want to die to be with our Lord in Heaven, but I just can't get over my human natured way of thinking that I don't want to leave my family here on Earth. Anyway, losing my grandma opened my eyes that death can be peaceful. I saw her take her last breath, and it was so peaceful, and I knew that she wasn't in pain anymore from her cancer. The pastor at her funeral service said it best when he said Jesus called her to come home, and she did. Knowing that I will again see her with no cancer and in no pain makes leaving this Earth and little easier for me.

drank alcohol? I think it was a Pina Colada at Chi-Chi's with my mom and stepdad. My mom let me taste hers, and then I always orderd the "nada colada" from there.

got kissed? It was my same boyfriend from the 4th grade that cheated on me. (Can you even really be cheated on when you're 11?) I remember we were at the playground at school and he kept trying to talk me into kissing him. I really didn't want to. I kind of thought the whole kissing thing was gross. I eventually gave in.

went to the hospital? When I was 18 months old, I was admitted to the hospital with crupe, and then developed pneumonia. I don't remember that. I believe the first that I was taken to the emergency room was when I wrecked a friend's moped. I was scrapped all up my right side. Pretty nasty. They had to clean all the rocks and stuff out of my skin. I was bandaged like a zombie. That was my sophomore year of high school.

got your heart broken? It was probably when Derek broke up with me in 6th grade.

smoked a cigarette? I was riding in a car with my friends from high school, and I decided try it. It was nasty, and I have never wanted to do it again.

broke a bone? I was 8 years old, and my family was at a local park playing a game of softball. I was waiting for my turn to bat when I decided that I needed to hone my cheerleading skills. I was practicing my handstands, when I flipped all the way over twisting my right arm around my neck. It popped so loud, and I landed horribly. I remember my mom running over to me in tears. She thought I had broke my neck. I broke my arm underneath my armpit, and I didn't even get a cool cast. They couldn't cast it that high, so I got a blue sling.

got a job? My first job was working at a local clothing store called Rosenblatt's. I worked there the summer before my junior year. Later that summer I accepted a job at a tanning salon in town, and that is where I worked until my freshman year of college.

got cheated on? It was a 4th grade boyfriend, very serious. :-) We went to different schools our 5th grade year, and he ended up kissing another girl that was supposed to be my friend in the school library! He wanted me back later that same week, and I had to pass.

rode the city bus? Never.

went to a concert? My first concert was a Reba McIntyre show with my friend Lisa Smith in 7th grade. I loved Reba!

Met someone famous? I don't think I have ever met anyone famous. I'm missing out.

dyed your hair? 5th grade. I went from dark brown to strawberry blonde. I hated it, and had my mom dye it back soon after.

got your own cell phone? Hmm...I think that was my freshman year in college. I was away at school, and my mom wanted me to have one for when I would drive home and back. I don't remember what kind it was except that it was big and heavy.

snuck out the house? It was probably when I snuck out to meet up with one of my guy friends, Jason, for him to tell me that he liked me.

drove a car? My mom used to let me practice driving our minivan when I was 13 years old. It would mostly be on old country rodes. Later we got a truck that was a stick shift, and I learned to drive that with my learner's permit. I loved driving that truck.

got your own digital camera? It was my Minolta Dimage A2 from my wonerful hubby for Christmas in 2004. Still using it today, but we are looking for a smaller digital camera that is easier to travel with.

how old are you now? 27

Saturday, January 6, 2007

Smiles only a child can make

My husband, Chad, and my two boys, Gabe (3) and Graedon (4 months today-happy birthday baby boy) were driving home from my mom's this morning, and Gabe has been on an "Uh-oh, sketti-o's" kick. Well, he was saying "uh-oh, sketti-o's," and I would repeat him. He continued on saying "uh-oh, tent ties (french fries), then cheeburbur (cheeseburger), kukles (pickles), kakup (ketchup), and then he says "uh-oh, tutar, " which is mustard. I couldn't help but laugh out loud at his sweet baby-voice saying mustard. So. of course he catches on that he is making me laugh, and he then says, "mommy, I say tutar and you laugh." I answered yes, and we continue our word game. Sometimes there is nothing better in this world than the smiles that only a child can bring to your face, especially if that child is your own. I love being a mom!

(Please don't think that my child only eats from McDonald's). lol


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