Saturday, January 6, 2007

Smiles only a child can make

My husband, Chad, and my two boys, Gabe (3) and Graedon (4 months today-happy birthday baby boy) were driving home from my mom's this morning, and Gabe has been on an "Uh-oh, sketti-o's" kick. Well, he was saying "uh-oh, sketti-o's," and I would repeat him. He continued on saying "uh-oh, tent ties (french fries), then cheeburbur (cheeseburger), kukles (pickles), kakup (ketchup), and then he says "uh-oh, tutar, " which is mustard. I couldn't help but laugh out loud at his sweet baby-voice saying mustard. So. of course he catches on that he is making me laugh, and he then says, "mommy, I say tutar and you laugh." I answered yes, and we continue our word game. Sometimes there is nothing better in this world than the smiles that only a child can bring to your face, especially if that child is your own. I love being a mom!

(Please don't think that my child only eats from McDonald's). lol

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