Tuesday, June 18, 2013

Some of my favorite photos from Florida 2013.

 Gabe and Chad at our fave restaurant at Port Canaveral-Rusty's.
 Graedon sitting out on the deck at Rusty's.
 Animal show Burmese Python.
 Animal show baby hedgehog.
 A good reminder for everyone, but these boys were definitely in need of it.  
Love the deck at Rusty's.
 This boy had no fear of the ocean this year.  He wouldn't to be out in the deeper water with Chad and Gabe, and loved riding the waves.  He was a pro!
 Rip currents were rough this year, and we even had a scary moment with this one.  Happy to say that everyone made it back to shore safe and sound. 
 The sky and sunlight after Tropical Storm Andrea was beautiful.  I had to capture a few photos of the boys in it.

I am ready to return any day now!  I love that we have an annual vacation to Florida.  It makes a great start to our summer.  I just wished it would last a little longer.


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