Wednesday, May 7, 2008

My baby is 20 months old today! What a cutie he is! I cannot believe how fast it has gone, but boy am I so blessed to have him here with us. He's got a runny nose today, so we just kind of chilled at home after running a few errands, but this is a happy picture of him not doing his "chesse" pose which consists of completed squinted-closed eyes, and crinkled up smile.

20 Graedon things at 20 months: (okay, it ended up being 21, but I can't leave any out)

  • He loves to play with playdoh. I think mentioning the word playdoh would bring him out of any funk that he may be in.

  • Just this last week, he has begun mimicking everything Gabe does. Just yesterday he had to stab a cheeto with a fork and wave it around because Gabe did it.

  • He's our singer and dancer. Some of his favorite songs to sing are the ABCs, Twinkle Twinkle Litte Star, and the song from Toy Story when Buzz sadly realizes he's a toy and cannot fly.

  • He likes to do the truffle shuffle...."mahn." "Do it." "mahn." "Do it." (that is our dialog) Next thing you know, he is rubbing his belly, stopping his little feet, and making gurgly-growly noises.

  • He has this back-it up motion when he is trying to sit on my lap. I love it!

  • "Eee you" is so precious to hear.

  • "Nah vay" is quite often heard when I ask for a kiss.

  • He has just started to tell Gabe he is sorry and bends down to make sure he gives him a kiss on the lips.

  • He is definitely a mullet little man. (He is in desperate need of a haircut).

  • He repeats anything you tell him. I love hearing how he pronounces words.

  • Every time we get out of the car when it is dark outside, he looks up at the sky and hollers for the moon. "Moo ere r ewe?" Sometimes that is followed by "eredit go?"

  • You still do not sleep through the night.

  • I love how you climb the stairs, get to the top, and then run your little chubber legs to your makeshift bed on the floor and plop down. Next your head is on the pillow, your little knees tucked up under you, and you utter "nigh, nigh" in your sweet voice.

  • Now, when you get up, we go down the stairs with you holding my right hand, you have your right hand on the banister, we count the stairs (all 15 steps) , and when we get to the bottom, you yell "Doe" and take off running.

  • When I am laying down with you at night for you to fall asleep, I will pretend to be sleeping, and I hear you coming at me making kissy noises. You give me a sweet little kiss on the lips.

  • Oh my goodnes, you love swings. You want to "wee-wing" all of the time. You even still want to swing on our porch swing even after it fell with us on it.

  • The sandbox is another place that can occupy your time for awhile. You will dig and bury yourself for at least an hour.

  • You have a love of choo-choos and Toy Story just like Gabe did. (I think that is mostly because I love all of that as well.) :-)

  • I love how you giggle at Dori on Finding Nemo.

  • You are our book lover as well. You will sit on my lap and let me read to you. I love those quiet moments.

  • You draw circles when you write. You call them (curcols). You are so concentrated when you draw.

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