Thursday, August 6, 2009

Our nephew date night

Our nephews are just in town until this coming Saturday, August 8th, and then they will be back in Louisiana with their mom for the school year. It is really sad that these sweet boys are caught in the middle of their parents divorce, and that their mom isn't putting them first by keeping them around their family. I have had my own issues with their mom, and I just see her as being selfish. These boys love it here with their dad, grandparents, aunts, uncles and cousins! Sorry for the small rant. I just hate seeing these boys suffer. Bryce even told us last night that he didn't want to go back home with his mom, and Isaiah said he is going to hide at his daddy's house so he doesn't have to go. My heart just breaks for them.

So, last night, Chad, Gabe, Graedon and I took Bryce and Isaiah out to dinner at Bob Evans. They all ate really good, and then we took them to our friends video gaming center called Ebash! They were in heaven there. It was a great evening, and it was really fun seeing these 4 boys all bond and just love each other even more. I really hope we can keep them close because Gabe really loves Bryce and spending time with his older, cool cousin. It was a fun night!

Here they all are in front of Ebash. Gabe was thrilled!
Battling it out on Mario Kart. Loved it!

Our guitar hero rockers! Bryce was really good at this game. I was impressed.

Another Ebash shot!


Nancy said...

That's so sad that she doesn't make any effort at all. Family is very important! It looks like everyone had a great time! I hope they get to spend some more time together sometime throughout the year. I have many fond memories with my cousins as a child. Although we live away I try very hard to keep family in the boys' lives!

Stacy said...

Nancy, I could tell you so many stories. I know you worked with Sarah at Wal-Mart, so I don't know what, or if she ever said anything to you, but it got nasty. It is just very disappointing.

Nancy said...

I never really talked to her unless I had to. She lived across the street from me for awhile. I've never thought very highly of her....


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