Tuesday, June 29, 2010

Thrown into the thick of it

All last week, the boys, Chad and I were emerged into Hero Headquarters at our church for our evening VBS program!  Oh my goodness, we were exhausted every night.  The boys had such a great time, but I am so glad we can finally have our evenings back. 
Gabe and my niece Taylor with friends from their group during games.

Some Hero Headquarters game to get to the day's Hero Mission!
Yes, Chad was loved as Pizza Man!

In all of our crazy, busy week, we did manage to see Toy Story 3, one of the best movies by far this summer, not once, but twice! 
Oh, how I am a Buzz and Woody fan!
I even teared up at both viewings. 
If you haven't seen it yet, then I suggest you run out and see it today!

An evening of swimming and getting thrown into the air is how every child should spend a summer's evening! 
I am still longing for our vacation days of doing whatever we want, when we want.
I miss it so much.
Why can't life be a constant vacation?
Also, is it bad, that we now want to move to Florida? 
I really think we can be a permanent Florida family.

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