Monday, September 20, 2010

I'm back...(home and to blogging)

I am sure you noticed that I have not been blogging much, eventhough I promised to do so.  Well, there are a few reasons for that. 
1.  Birthday coma-Yes, it does exist, and I suffered from it.  4 birthdays in less than 3 weeks, and it was crazy!  I am happy to say that birthday season is officially over for the Killion family this year.
2.  Prep-Because of all of the birthdays, there was a lot of running around in a crazy state for a few days, with lists in hand and tons to do.  There was a lot of prep work for the birthdays as well as for the surprise present we had in store for our boys!
3.  The Present-So, it was up in the air for most of the weeks leading up to the boys' birthdays as to if their present was going to become reality.  The reason for that was because of a lot of weather watching.  You may be wondering what the weather had to do with their present.  Well, up until the week of Sept. 6th, we had not made a definite decision, and then after watching the hurricanes finally slow down, we booked our flights to head to the Happiest Place on Earth for 9 days and surprise the boys the day we were to leave, Sept. 10th!  We picked Gabe up from school at 1:30pm, all packed and ready to go, and told the boys in the car on the way to the airport!

It was an AMAZING trip, one that I will never forget!  There is nothing like Disney magic, and we were surrounded by it for 9 days!  I cannot express how blessed I feel to have a husband the loves me and his family so much to work so hard to allow us to take family vacations like we do!!  We had a blast, and Chad and I have decided that we work pretty well together as a family of 4 on vacation.  It was a great bonding time for us and the boys, and we are already trying to plan our next trip! 

Please be patient with me while I work throught the 1000+ photos that I have taken, and I will get posts about the birthday parties and the trip up as soon as I can! 

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