Friday, July 27, 2012

A New Normal

Last week we were delivered a blow...Chad's mom was diagnosed with Stage 3C colon cancer.  So many thoughts enter your mind...are we going to lose her, how long does she have, what does this mean, how sick is she going to get?  The list goes on and on.  My heart aches for what my family is going to face.  This is Chad's mom, how am I going to be there for him?  What can I do for him?  This is my boys' grandma.  My goodness, I was an adult when I lost my grandma, they are too young to possibly have to face losing theirs. 

My head is a jumble and my heart hurts.  This week has been better.  A little more like ourselves as a family.  She is now home after her surgery, and seems to be healing well.  She will have another outpatient procedure next Tuesday to have her port put in for her chemotherapy.  She will begin chemo on August 20th. 

I have been amazed at the amount of love, concern and prayer that has been shown and offered during this last week, and it just solidifies even more to me that we need our Heavenly Father.  He is what gets us through.  He is who we need.  He is in control!  We must have faith!  There is nothing comforting about a loved one being diagnosed with a horrible disease, but it can be dealt with and lived through knowing that He has a plan. 

I know we are facing a long battle of chemo trips and sick days.  Nita will more than likely lose her hair.  I am anticipating that I will be taking her to many chemo visits.  It is going to be a new normal for us, but one we are ready to face!  It feels like we are entering a battle, and I want to be "armed" with knowledge, understanding and most of all-faith!

If you feel led to pray for Nita, I know we can use all the prayer we can get.


Elaine said...

I have been wondering how things are going. I've been watching the prayer forum at HYWWP to see if there were any updates from you. I have been praying for Nita and your whole family and I sure will continue those prayers. {{{HUGS}}}

Jennifer Moore said...

Love you, Stacy! Praying for healing for you MIL and understanding for you and your family. ((HUGS))


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