Friday, January 3, 2014

2014-My One Little Word

I have been thinking of what word I would choose to embark on Ali Edwards' concept of One Little Word.  I feel that this word has been tugging at my heart for a couple of weeks.  I feel as if this word has chosen me instead of the other way around, and I am excited and eager to see where this word will take me in 2014.  The word I have chosen is:

I want to have a seeking heart this year.  My 2013 has been so rough with so many sad life changing events for my family and me.  I know these events have changed the me that once was forever.  I am a different wife, mother and person, but I want to SEEK the "new" me this year.  I want to SEEK better ways to serve my family.  I am SEEKING more time in the word and more time with God.  I want to SEEK better relationships with my husband, my boys, and my family.  I want to SEEK stronger friendships.  I want to SEEK more follow through this year.  I definitely feel that this word is so fitting with many aspects of my life.  It is leading me, and I hope to SEEK a happy heart through a SEEKING heart. 

I hope by SEEKING this year, I will become a more fulfilled person, which will lead me to help make others feel fulfilled by my relationship with him/her.  One thing that I have learned after this past year, is that moments are fleeting.  That person that you count on the most can be gone in an instant.  Cherish the time you have with those that matter most to you.  Do not take any moments for granted. Hold tight to the simple things.  Love with all of your heart!   

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