Tuesday, June 24, 2008

My Neglected Blog

So, I know I have been neglecting the blog world for the past couple of weeks. It was a rough week when we lost Mamaw, but we also had some friends whose home was damaged pretty badly from the floods that weekend. So, as soon as we returned home from vacation, we had the bad news about our friends' home, and then we received the news about Mamaw. All of last week, I was our church's VBS director, so I had no time last week. Let's just say that I am relieved that last week is over, and a new week has begun. One fun thing we did over the weekend was hangout with our friends' whose home was damaged. They are staying at a family's home while they are on vacation. They have an inground pool, and my boys loved it!

Graedon is obsessed with lotion bottles!

Gabe is a little water bug! He can also swim underwater without the use of his floaties!

And just for fun, here is a pic of Chad on his newly restored motorcycle! He thinks he is totally awesome on it.

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