Thursday, June 26, 2008

some outside fun

What an easy hour of entertainment. I had bought this little blow up pool at Toys R Us last year on clearance for $4, and I blew it up today, and the boys had a blast splashing around and just cooling off. I was also able to sit in a chair and get a little bit of sun as well. Here are just a few pics from our fun time outside.


Stacey said...

So cute! I need to take ours out of the box and get it blown up soon. I know the kids will love it!

The Design Experiment said...

$4!! That's a steal!!

shaina said...

I love getting things on clearance and holding on to them for a bit. Looks like they are having a great time!

Love your layouts in the next post! I like the lil' santa one best!


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