Wednesday, November 4, 2009

Halloween Activities

We had a great Halloween year!! Gabe's costume was my favorite so far out of everything he has chosen to be. He kind of waited until the last minute to decide, but once he did, he was dead set on being that. Chad and I made the proton pack and patches. Chad's dad gave us a pair of welding goggles, and we had some friends give us an official Air Force flight slight that he had. It was perfect!

Gabe's school hosted a Halloween party as well as a Halloween Parade through the school just for the Kindergarten classes. My niece, Taylor is in the other afternoon Kindergarten class as well. She is the bat girl pictured. The kids were so proud to show off their costumes, and it was great that parents were allowed to come and take pictures. Right up my alley!

I was so bummed this year that I had to cancel our annual Halloween Party. This would've been our 3rd year hosting one, but we had all had the flu that week, and I just didn't want to expose anyone to our germies. So, I still had all of the craft items and food and such that I bought for the party. I decided to host a little shindig with just my mom, brother and sister-in-law, my niece and of cours my family of boys. I had Witch's Broom treat bags, Graham Cracker Haunted Houses to decorate, treat bags to decorate, and they also got to pass out candy to the
trick-or-treaters. I didn't anticipate how much the kids loved that!

Last but not least, Halloween Night! Gabe was pumped, but Graedon wanted nothing to do with putting on his costume and going out. He was horrible. He did not trick-or-treat by going
door-to-door, he only went to my in-laws home, and once there getting his huge bag of loot (yes, they go overboard), he was all set. He loved it. In fact, he slept in his Thomas costume. So, I only have the 2 pictures of him in his costume. He actually wore the costume the next day as well when we went out for lunch. He's a child that wants what he wants. He is so strong-willed.

I think we had an awesome Halloween, and I cannot wait for next year! I just don't know how we are going to top the Ghostbuster costume!


Stacey said...

LOVE the ghostbuster costume!!! You guys did a great job on it!!!

Nancy said...

The costume looked great Stacy! You're such a great mommy taking the time to do all of those activities with your boys...the thought never crossed my mind. We'll definitely be using the graham cracker house idea for Christmas. How did you get the graham crackers to stay together? Thanks for the inspiration!

Stacy said...

Nancy, I hot glued the graham crackers together, and then hot glued the house together. I told the kids they could eat whatever they wanted, just not the houses. It was super easy, and they loved it! I am going to do it for Christmas as well.

Nancy said...

Thanks! We are definitely going to do this!!


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