Sunday, November 1, 2009

Not looking forward to tomorrow

You know the saying, "Tomorrow will be better"...? Well, my tomorrow isn't going to be better than today. Today, Chad is home, and we've been doing family stuff together. We slept in, had a late breakfast together, and then watching the Colts game (yes, they won!). Tomorrow, Chad is leaving for a week-long training session in Kansas City for his job. It's just not a fun idea to think about at all. I just cannot imagine my hubby not being home with us all this coming week. I really think Gabe is going to have the hardest time with it. He's already broken down in tears once today, which made Chad tear up, and then of course I had to cry as well. It's just so hard on our little family. We're not the same if we aren't all together.

If you could keep us in your thoughts and prayers for safe traveling for Chad, and for a good week with my boys, that would be greatly appreciated. I may have to plan a few fun days with my little guys, just to make it a little extra special. Oh, how I cannot wait until Friday. I hope this is the fastest week ever!!

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Joanie said...

You'll all be fine! This week will go hubbie is out of town a lot so we have some special things we always do when he is gone. We eat dinner in the family room one night while watching a movie, have a sleepover in my room with the kids in sleeping bags on the floor, go out for pizza one night.....just something differen to get the kids mind of of missing dad!
It will be over sooner than you think!


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