Friday, October 1, 2010

A busy October

Wow, October 1st already!! 
That is crazy!
I was sitting and looking at my calendar, and it is already jammed packed, and the first full day of October hasn't even happened! 
Bare with me as I jot it all down...

  • Friday, October 1st-Gabe's school Fall Festival set up 3-5pm, and attend for fun.
  • Saturday, October 2nd-Future sister-in-law's dinner and night out.
  • Sunday, October 3rd-Church in the park, Bridal Shower at 4pm
  • Wednesday, October 6th-My 9 year wedding anniversary (heart)
  • Friday, October 8th-Annual Covered Bridge Festival starts (runs for 2 weeks)
  • Saturday, October 9th-Celebration night for our anniversary
  • Tuesday, October 12th-My dad's 49th birthday, Gabe's first field trip of the year, going to Covered Bridge Festival with my mom
  • Friday, October 15th-Rehearsal Dinner for Brother-in-Law's wedding
  • Saturday, October 16th-Mark and Peggy's wedding (Gabe and Chad are in the wedding)
  • Sunday, October 17th-return tuxedos.
  • Friday, October 22nd-Mom's is having an ablation surgery
  • Saturday, October 23rd-Kids' Halloween Party
  • Friday, October 29th-My 31st Birthday
  • Saturday, October 30th-Cousins Wedding and Trick-or-Treat night.
Just looking at that list all written out makes me so tired!  I don't know how we are going to survive!

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Rebecca said...

Whew! I got tired just reading this! lol :) Have fun!


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