Saturday, October 2, 2010

Family Movie Night

So, we have started a tradition with the boys to host a family movie night at least once a week (depending on our schedules).
One of the things that Chad and I love to do is pick an old movie from our childhoods that we enjoyed watching and introduce it to our boys.
We've watched some good ones so far:  Goonies, The Adventures in Babysitting, Short Circut, Homeward Bound...those are just a few that have been hits.
Tonight, we are going to watch Harry and the Hendersons!
I know the boys have a great time, but I think Chad and I love it more.
Spending some fun family time together, and then sleeping downstairs together.
We call that "camping out."
If you have any good movies that you think we should watch with our boys, please add suggestions in the comments section! 


Anonymous said...

I loved the Wizard of Oz (now my girls do too!) and I remember it used to be on annually I think around Thanksgiving time? It was such a big deal to me and my sister, we'd go over to my grandma's house and watch it all together! And I loved Harry and the Hendersons too! I'd forgotten all about that one! I might suggest some other classics such as Charlotte's Web, Land Before Time, E.T. (I think your boys would like that, if ET wasn't too scary for them to look at?),Babe, and possibly Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles (not the animated but the actual movies I think there were 3)? I love love love family movie nights! Some wonderful childhood memories are sure to be made with this tradition! Enjoy every minute! :) Maybe one day when they go off to college they'll still come home a couple times a month for FAMILY MOVIE NIGHT! :D

Stacy said...

Great suggestions Rebecca! Wizard of Oz would be good to try with them. We've seen the Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles movies...big hits there, and Gabe really likes ET. I'll have to get Babe. That's a good one too. Love movie nights with the boys, and we all look forward to it. I am going to get the headless horseman movie (Disney version) to watch this coming weekend with them. Just don't know the name of it!


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