Tuesday, January 25, 2011

So excited!!

I just received an exciting email that I am a lucky winner over at I Heart Faces!!  I am going to receive a gift certificate to Designs by Jessie, and I can't believe it!  Wow!  I am already eyeing her beautiful work, and I believe a camera strap for my new Canon D60 that I received for Christmas needs some "Stacy-ness" added to it!  Here are a few that I am loving:

 Black and White Damask
Photo by Designs by Jessie

Funky Floral
Photo by Designs by Jessie

Blue Paisley
Photo from Designs by Jessie

I am going to have a hard time deciding on what I would like to order!  She even customs the straps for you by a desired length, if you want pockets sewn on to hold extra memory cards, etc., there is also extra padding you can add! 
I can't wait to get one ordered!
Thank you, thank you!!


Jennifer Moore said...

Oh how lovely! Those are all so pretty...I'd have a difficult time choosing, too. :) I'm glad you joined us over at It looks like you and I have 2 little boys around the same ages! :) Don't forget to register in the gallery at HYWWP...I'd love to see some of your pages. :)

rmeyfe said...

Congratulations! I always lurk over there but never play, it is exciting to "see" someone familiar win!! I'd pick the black and white, you can't go wrong with the basics!! ;)
Found your blog by clicking on your link over at Have Your Way With Paper! :)

erin said...

Congrats! Those are pretty sweet! Looks like it would be hard to decide!

HYWWP gal,

The Scrapbook Speedway said...

how awesome!!! i loke the b/w one!


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