Tuesday, May 31, 2011

Last day of May

I really didn't expect to take a leave from blogging the entire month of May, but that is just how life has been this entire month!!  Filled with unexpected happenings!!  One of the major ones was the weather-Oh my!  We had some bad storms come through and knock out our power for 2 days, uprooted so many trees around our house, and take off part of our chimney.  I am just thankful that we are all okay, and that no injuries were reported here!

One of the main things happening is our countdown to Cocoa Beach!!  We leave this Friday-after Gabe is out of school.  We cannot wait, and it is a much needed break that we are all looking forward to!

So, I just wanted to update that I am still here, and still planning on blogging, but life has just taken a front seat at the moment! 

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