Friday, December 2, 2011

December Already

happy, happy, happy December everyone!
Wow, I cannot believe it is already upon us...ready or not.
it is already crazy busy, and i can't seem to stay caught up due to a cold that entered last weekend.
Ralphie, our elf made his appearance already, and the boys are in love with him! 
Gabe wakes up every morning looking around the house trying to find him and to see what craziness he has been up to.
i can tell that Ralphie is going to be extra fun this year!
welcome December!

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Nancy said...

Awwe! Happy December to you! I can't find our shelf elf. I put him in a shoe box and stuck him in our closet and then then movers came...I've not located that box yet. Aidan mentioned our shelf elf when we we're getting the Christmas stuff down, but didn't mention anything again...I NEED to find it. It's kind of special too because its an elf that came from my Grandma's's gotta be here somewhere..maybe we'll have to have a substitute elf? Hope you are enjoying the holiday season!


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