Tuesday, November 15, 2011

Gratitude for Today- I am grateful for my morning drive to school with Gabe.  It seems that this is his most talkative, and with Graedon still half asleep in the back, it feels like I have Gabe all to myself.  He says some of the cutest things, and I love to hear how his mind thinks.  Today, he was going to build a house on the island in the middle of a pond we drive by.  Oh, and he is so excited to buy the "Titanic" bundle at the Book Fair. 

I love this boy!  He's growing up so fast, so these small moments are what I want to remember most about him!  He's 8, with his gappy big boy teeth smile, his creative ways, with the most caring and sensitive heart I know!  What an amazing person he is! 

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