Wednesday, November 2, 2011

Some Things to Be Grateful For


1. warmly or deeply appreciative of kindness or benefits received; thankful
I have been seeing all sorts of "thankful" posts popping up on blogs and my Facebook Newsfeed, and I really like the idea to take them to express specifically what you are grateful for. 
I am going to try to keep up and post something daily here. 
I would love it if you would join me.
It doesn't have to be grand gestures or huge accomplishments, it can be the small and simple things that bring a smile to your face and make you appreciate what you have.

Dirty Dishes

Ugh, is one of the first words that comes to my mind when I see my sink full of dirty dishes.  Yes, we have a dishwasher, but I am not a fan.  I end up having to rewash so much of what comes out of that appliance, that handwashing is just easier. 
Does anyone like washing dishes?
Well, my first reaction would be, "NO!"
At second glance, I become humbled.
I have hot, running water to wash my dishes.
 They are dirty because we were able to eat off of them.  We are able to
have food and ways to prepare warm meals. 
We make it a priority to sit and have family meals together.
Wow....dirty dishes!  
Yes, I am grateful to have dirty dishes. 


Anonymous said...

I love this, Stacy!! I do my dishes by hand as well, and I am actually starting to enjoy it a little. I have a TV in my kitchen now, so when I do all the dishes I turn on a DVR show and get a little "me" time while I'm cleaning the kitchen. :) But I needed to be reminded that dirty dishes in the sink means food in our bellies and family time around the table. :) We, too, make family meals a priority and I LOVE to cook! So thank you for reminding me to see past the work, and give thanks in everything.

AEM880 said...

Completely 100% agree! It's hard to be thankful for those kinds of things sometimes...but when it gets put into perspective it really makes you thankful:)


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