Wednesday, November 5, 2008

History has been made.

I was moved to tears last night while watching President-Elect Obama make his speech. We have come so far. Our country needs change, and I truly feel this man is that change we need. I do not understand why people feel that our country is worse off now that he is our leader. I do not understand why people are afraid. You have to have faith; faith in our country, faith in us as a united people, and faith that God has a plan. I do not know how Obama will be as a President, but I do have faith that he is a good and Godly man, and that God is in charge.

I am no expert on politics, and I will never claim to be. I am just one small voice, but I am hopeful and encouraged by Mr. Obama, and I feel that he is hearing the small voices. Please, no matter your political views, view him as a man that loves our country and as a man who is fighting to do good here in America. Educate yourselves in his plans and policies, and support our leader!

You can find a link below to his speech last night in Chicago. Please listen.

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