Friday, June 19, 2009

I need some help

I know what you're thinking....You're thinking that, "Yes, that girl really does need help. I've always thought she was a little off." Now, I am not needing that kind of help, at least not yet anyway. I need help because I am drowning in total toy disarray! Help me!

If you know me and my house and my feelings that I have towards my house, then you would know that I hate that my house doesn't have any storage areas. We have one closet on the main level, and that is because we built it when we remodeled our downstairs bathroom. We have this added on "big room" as we like to call it, and that is where the boys have most of their toys.

How do I organize this. This is exactly what it looks like as I am typing, and I would just like your expertise on what you would do with this situation. Now, I know they have a lot of toys, and what is bad, they have a lot of big toys that take up space. I just don't know where to start, but I am truly motivated to make my house as resourceful as possible...with your help if you're willing.

I will also let you know that I am planning on repainting the ugly green walls that you see, and I want to make a little "library" type area for the boys in this room. I want a bookshelf, a little round or rectangle area rug, and 2 chairs or bean bags for them to sit and have access to all of their books. I can't wait to read your thoughts and ideas. Thanks in advance!


MAM said...

Do you have an IKEA anywhere near by? I LOVE our Expedit Shelves that we have in the playroom. They have bins that fit in and I dump all of G's toys in there. Of course, he then dumps them back out :)

Jessica said...

Ikea does some great organizing solutions. Also, go to They have this wire shelving system with a fabric cover to hide everything. It is expensive. But you could pick up one of these shelves cheaper and make your own curtain for it. Then you could also rotate the supply of toys from top shelf to bottom. That way, not as much stuff could be out because the kids can't reach the stuff on top. I hope that helps! We have the same problem with not a lot of closet space.

Nancy said...

We try to rotate the toys out every so often. Keep some in the house and put some in the garage for storage....then switch. The boys' room looks a lot like this though. It seems like I go in and spend a couple of hours sorting and putting away just to come back to the same thing. It lasts a couple of weeks, but then it's all a big jumble again! I have sorted out the toys and put them in totes (ie. a tote for cars, one for Little People stuff, one for trains, one for baby toys, etc.) It seems to help and they can be stacked on top of each other.

Stacy said...

Thanks girls for the suggestions, and it is nice to not be alone in this never ending attack of toys. What's so bad, their birthdays are coming up in August and September. There is going to be more stuff!! Ack!

Monica-The closest IKEA is in Chicago, and I went there last summer, and I conetemplated getting those exact shelves. Maybe I need a weekend trip to do just that. :-)

Stacey said...

I am definitely not an expert in the organizing toy area. BUT I did recently buy a shelving unit and a bunch of "drawers" to go on it to hide the toys in the family room. I love that we can sort by type in the different drawers and when it's all cleaned up, you can't see any toys! :) I got mine at Target. I am thinking of getting another one for a different room.

Stacey said...

It's me again. :) I am wondering if you could just measure those shelves and go to Target or elsewhere and see if there are fabric drawers you can add to your unit you already have. Just an idea!!


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