Monday, June 8, 2009

I'm and sound.

We're home, we're home!! Vacation was so great, and I am now experiencing vacation hangover to its fullest. What is it about coming home from vacation that is so bittersweet? I had a great time, the boys loved it, and I was somewhat ready to be back home, but once I am home, I am a little bummed. Just a week ago I was sitting on the beach in Florida!! I really think I could live there.

Well, I have tons of photos to share, but my camera card reader isn't working, so you will have to wait for pictures. I was all set to do a huge picture post, but then it wouldn't work. Chad is on the job tonight of getting my pictures available to upload. So, you will have to sit tight.

So, what all did you guys do while I was away? :-)

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