Saturday, January 10, 2009

Overwhelming love

It is just strange when it hits you how much you love your kids. I love my kids everyday, but to really stop and reflect on what these little people mean to you. I can just tear up thinking about every little thing that they do that just melts my heart. I love my boys, and I love that they love me and each other. (It's just a given that they love their daddy). :-)

Hold your babies tight, no matter if they are days or years old. Kiss them goodnight and give them extra snuggles. You can never show them too much affection. Gabe and Graedon, I LOVE YOU!


Jessica said...

You are so right! We do always love our kids, but for some reason, every once in a while, there are these amazing moments when the love overtakes you and you stop to think what a miracle it is--that God has given you these children and they are so perfect for you!

Sarah said...

I know what you mean. I can sit for hours just watching them and thinking how blessed I am. I only hope I tell them enough how much they mean to me.

Lee said...

Makes your heart stop every once in a while, eh?

Jayne said...

So true! :heart:


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