Friday, August 15, 2008

Are you ready to PARTAY?

Gabe's big shindig is tomorrow, and we are just busy getting things ready. I love having birthday parties for my boys. This will be my 6th party that I have gotten to plan (5 for Gabe, and 1 for Graedon). I think that birthdays are so important. It is the one day of the year that is strictly in celebration of you. I grew up with that mindset. My mom always made our days just about us, and whatever we wanted to do. My dad always starts our day with a 5:00am singing telephone call. Obviously, it is on the answering machine because I don't answer the phone at 5:00am, but it is a tradition I know happens every year now. My mom used to give us the option to stay home from school if we wanted to for our birthdays. How awesome is that? Birthdays are just a big deal for me, and I want my boys to grow up remembering that I put love into every detail for them and only them on their BIG day! So, I know some people think big parties for children to young to remember is a crazy waste of time and money, I am one that thinks it is awesome to celebrate the day that the people we love became a part of this world!!

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Jayne said...

Hope you all have a GREAT time! :)


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