Sunday, August 24, 2008

A Need to Share This

We are home, but a recap of our trip will have to wait. I have something I would like for you to check out, and if you feel compelled to spread the word about it, please do so.

I have been reminded at how precious life is, and how lucky I am to have such an amazing life. God is in control, and it is in his timing that all things happen, and life on this Earth can change in an instant. I came across a beautiful family's blog through reading about a tragic accident the family is currently facing. Stephanie (Nie) and Christian Nielson, parents of 4 beautiful children, living in Arizona, were in a private airplane crash on August 16th. They are both being treated for serious burn injuries, and the doctors are saying they are in for months of recovery. The family is requesting prayers, and I am so happy to lift them up, and I hope you can lift them in your prayers as well. You can find updates on Nie's sister's personal blog You can also read about Nie and her beautiful family and amazing spirit for life on her blog

I hope you will take a few moments of your time and pray for this family and for God's healing hand be laid upon them.

~In Him~

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