Tuesday, August 19, 2008

Safe and sound

We made it to Chicago safe and sound Sunday evening. It took us a little under 4 hours to arrive at our hotel, and we really didn't hit any heavy traffic until about 30 miles from the hotel. The boys were great in the car; thanks to Graedon taking a 2 hour nap, and for Gabe having his hand-held VSmile that Grandma got him for his birthday on Saturday. (Thanks Grandma!)

Chad is in training from about 9:30-5:30pm Eastern time right here in the hotel. He gets up, showers and gets ready, then he hangs out with us before heading downstairs to his class. The boys and I eat breakfast here in the room. I packed some breakfast foods that could be fixed here with the microwave, and I have some snacks for us to munch on. All-in-all, hotel living hasn't been that bad. We are going to head down to the pool after Graedon wakes up from his nap, so that will be nice for us to do.

The boys and I have been explorers already. Yesterday, we explored just West of us, and there is a Target, Wal-Mart, Michaels, JoAnns, Toys R Us, Carters, Ulta, and a bunch of other stores that I can't remember just 5 minutes from us. There is also several restaurants as well. I think we may try North of us tonight where there is a Dave and Busters. I think the boys would like that.

My biggest excitement so far has been going to Archiver's. We went there earlier today, and for all you scrappers, you know what I mean when I say WOW! I could've spent hours there! I was in scrappers paradise. I loved it, and I am hoping to go back before we leave. I would be in trouble if I had one only 5 minutes away from me at home. Luckily for our bank account, the closest one is over an hour away.

So, that is just a little bit of our mini vacation to Chicago so far. As I said earlier, I think we will go to Dave and Busters tonight, and tomorrow we are heading to Navy Pier for dinner, rides and fireworks, and I think on Thursday we are going to the new Discovery Legoland in Schaumburg. Gabe is most excited about that because there is a dragon type roller coaster ride there.

I will post some pics when I get a little more time, and don't think I forgot to update on Gabe's 5th Birthday shindig! It was awesome, and I had a great time. That will be a separate longer post! Happy Tuesday everyone!

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