Wednesday, March 11, 2009

longing for childhood

Sometimes watching my boys play or even argue makes me long for such innocence. I mean, to only worry about what coloring book to color in, or argue about who gets to open the door when we are getting ready to leave are such small things in the big picture of life. In our reality as adults, I am often a little down on all of the responsibilites and worries being an adult and a parent. I think a lot of my feeling this way has to do with enrolling Gabe into kindergarten. I am making a huge decision for him. I just want to make a good decision for him. I want him to like school, and if he likes it, then he is more likely to do well in school. He doesn't have to be a great athlete or anything like that, I just want him to enjoy it and have good friends, and get a good education. He is growing up, and after this summer, he will be in school for at least 12 more years. No more lazy afternoons at home with me and Graedon. I will miss him terribly. It is just a reality that life is ever changing, and that my guys are growing up. I just want to sit and color with them, sleep with them at night, and get up in the morning and play with them all day long.

I love being a mom, and I love my boys so much! If only they knew what it was like to love such little people as only a mommy can, but I hope they don't worry as much as I do about things.


Jayne said...

I hear you - time goes by too fast for a mommy!

Nancy said...

Time just flies, doesn't it? Aidan will be 4 at the end of this month and I can't believe I'll be giving him up to preschool in the fall. He'll only be gone two hours MWF, but I will miss him too! Hold tight just a little longer :)

Anonymous said...

I know what you mean, Emma will be going to kindergarten too this fall. I just cannot imagine her not at home with us. I hate the thought that she is going to be gone for that long without me (although I know she'll probably love it!). Is he going to Central? If so, you'll see me there seeing my little girl off and crying like a baby! haha!


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