Monday, March 30, 2009

Sunday's Seven

Time for another few moments of thankful reflection!

1. Sunday School-I think one of my favorite things about church is my Sunday School class! Good friends, yummy snacks, and great conversations on how to grow more Christ-like.
2. Chapstick-it has been my friend this week.
3. Hugs, especially from my boys, the hubby included! There is nothing like a good hug to make your day.
4. Facebook-I seems silly to be thankful for something like that, but I have gotten back in touch with some great people from my past and present. It is just a nice way to stay connected.
5. I am so thankful to be a stay-at-home mom. I love being with my boys, and it is a privilege to be their mommy!
6. Online friends-I don't even consider them to be online friends...they are just my friends! The internet is just amazing to allow you to be friends with people across state and country lines. Just amazing!
7. I am thankful for naps. I even enjoyed a little siesta today, and I felt energized afterwards. Why do they take away naps after you grow to a certain age? I think adults should be allowed naps just like toddlers. :-)


Joanie said...

You are just so cute...what special reflections of the week...great idea!

Nancy said...

I LOVE facebook! Living so far away from home it allows me to chat with friends, share stories, stay connected with family, etc! I think I would feel very isolated without it! Thanks for being a great friend :)

Sarah said...

I have really enjoy your "Sunday's Seven" - Such a wonderful way to count your blessings.

Stacey said...

WHat a great list and lots to be thankful for!!!!


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