Monday, April 6, 2009

Sunday's Seven

I have had a very emotional day today, and I won't elaborate, but it has really made me love the life that I have and know that I am a very lucky woman. I have an amazing husband who loves me and has for over half of my life. Who gets lucky enough to have met her future husband in middle school? My kids fill my life with so much joy, and I am so lucky to try to give them the world! I am truly in love with my life.

1. An understanding and compassionate husband.
2. Two amazing, healthy little boys, who are full of innocence.
3. A family that is there for one another, through the good and the bad.
4. Dependable friends to listen to me ramble.
5. A pastor that I can turn to for guidance.
6. A home that I am happy to return to every day!
7. For a man that loves me!


Nancy said...

Stacy, I look forward to reading your Sunday's Seven every Monday! Thank you for your post :) Everyone should try to reflect on things they are fortunate to have or are thankful for......I am thinking about you and hope your situation is resolved :) Hang in there! I am so grateful for rekindling our friendship. I rely on my internet friends quite a bit considering I don't know many people here. It is a wonderful way for me to connect with other wives/mothers and I am so thankful for our friendship :) Love ya! Nancy

Tracy Kosofsky said...

What a wonderful post!!! We all need to take time to think about the blessings in our lives and this is a great reminder!

Anonymous said...

I, too, like Nancy look forward to your Sunday Seven posts. It makes me think about the things I love rather than dwelling on any negative things. Keep it up and you will be in my prayers. I hope everything is ok. :)


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