Monday, April 13, 2009

Sunday's Seven

I hope everyone had a wonderful Easter weekend, but especially a memorable Easter Sunday! What an amazing day....He is risen! I cannot explain the raw emotion that I feel when I think of what Christ did for me, for all of us! Amazing love!

1. My Lord, my Savior!
2. Squealing kids when they are set free to hunt those eggs.
3. Gabe understanding and telling me about the sacrifice that Jesus made for us. My heart is so full of pride and joy that he understands.
4. Makeup-I know, a little materialistic, but boy, I've needed that makeup this week. I've been keeping some late nights, and it shows in the morning.
5. High school memories. I've been reminded of some great high school times by some recent photo posting on Facebook. I loved high school...I know some hate it, but I truly enjoyed high school, and at times I miss it. I am thankful that I have some great memories.
6. Be able to drink clean water. I sometimes forget that there are some around this world that do not get clean water from the tap or water bottles. I need to drink more water, and I have beent trying to do that more.
7. Closeness to family. I am close with my family, and I am so thankful that my dad lives only an hour away from me and that my mom is just 15 minutes away still living in my hometown. My boys are growing up understanding how important it is to be close with your family, and I love having them around! Families are so amazing in that way. I don't know what I would do without my family.

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Nancy said...

I have really enjoyed checking out everyone's pictures too! I need to dig out my shoe box and scan a few in........I miss those days..sigh


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