Thursday, April 22, 2010

A Week in My Life-Day 2

Tuesday, April 20th
Laundry to start my day is never fun. 
How do piles become mountains so easily?
I love waking up to the boys playing in their room together. 
We're off to a good start.

Fixing the boys one of their fave breakfasts...sausage. 
Graedon also orders ketchup, vitamin and chocolate milk.
Gabe had a dentist appointment at 1:00pm.
We arrived a bit early so that the boys could play the arcade machines that they have in the waiting area.  They loved it!
A nice dashboard shot of me heading to the store to get ice cream and doughnuts for Gabe to eat after his dentist appt.  He can only have soft foods.
Ben and Jerry's Cookie Dough was the flavor picked out by both.
Yes, I let them eat it in the car.

**Can you see that Steak-n-Shake car in between them?  Gabe has an addiction to those cars.
My favorite skillet may have cooked her last meal.
A grilled cheese sandwhich stuck to her.
A grillled cheese!!
I don't understand how that happens.  It has never happened before, and it was stuck pretty bad.
I may give her another go, but I feel that the end is near.


Stacey said...

Ugh...I had to recently toss a well loved pan as well. Bummer! I am loving seeing these cool. :)

Nancy said...

I let my kids eat in the car too...but always say I'll never do it again after I take the car seats out to vacuum......I'm sure you've experienced that Oh, parents did the same thing :)


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