Wednesday, April 21, 2010

A Week in My Life-Day 1

Yesterday started A Week in the Life Project by Ali Edwards, and I am happy to say that I am giving it a go! 

Monday, April 19th

Monday is the worst day for how the house looks.  This is our mattress pad that we bring from our bed for the boys to "camp out" on in our downstairs family room. 
The love for us all to sleep downstairs together.  We watched the movie "Big" together.  Very fun, except there was some language we forgot about as well as a certain bra scene.  Chad and I were covering our faces with pillows when Gabe first saw that scene.  lol
Dirty dishes from the weekend (or from the week).  Who knows...

I must get my computer/online fix before I get my day started. 
I also have a fountain beverage addiction. 
Any ideas on how to kick that?
Another load of clean dishes to unload from our dishwasher.
Now, if we can just figure out why it leaks sometimes.
Gabe loves his daddy, and he wants to be just like him.
Here he is helping Chad work on the control panel for our basement arcade machine.
Chad had a good samaritan leave him a note on his truck that a bolt was stuck in his tire.  It is not safe to drive.  We've ordered a new one, but until then we are borrowing a truck of my brother's, and it is at my mom's house.  We drove up there for the evening, had dinner, and ended our evening sitting on the patio roasting marsmallows in her firepit.  Gabe loved it!
Love evening firepit fires.
Me:  Graedon, who is your favorite person?
Graedon:  Grandma Nancy!!


Stacey said...

Fun photos! I love the peek inside your day/week...I think I missed if this was all on one day or not. LOL Sorry...going on not enough sleep!

Stacy said...

Yes, Stacey, this was all on Monday. I will be posting Tuesdays activities today.

Nancy said...

I have a fountain drink addiction too! For some reason they just taste so much better! It doesn't help that McDonald's sells large fountain drinks for a buck!


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