Monday, September 15, 2008

A cheesecake injury

At mom's last night, I was using the Pampered Chef slice-n-serve to get me a delish piece of cheesecake that had been calling my name. Well, the graham cracker crust was stuck and being a bit difficult to get out. I was steadying the pie platter with my left hand, and working the slice-n-serve under my piece of goodness, when all of a sudden, the slice-n-serve slipped at an upward angle and sliced my index finger almost in half between my first and second knuckle. Oh my goodness, the pain and the blood was not pretty. No stitches as of yet, and the bleeding seems to be under control, so now gauze, Neosporin and a splint are my best friends in this healing process.

It isn't easy at all to type, but I am getting the hang of it, but at least I can look forward to Chad doing the dishes and giving the boys their baths for awhile.

Here is a picture of the culprit.


Nancy said...

Ouch! I have one of those utensils myself...I'll have to be careful! By the way, the boys' room looks great!

Jayne said...

Oh my! Glad you at least get out of dishes!

Stacey said...

OUCH!! What a bummer!! I hope it heals quickly!

Amy said...

OUCH!! Take care of yourself!

elizabeth said...

Oh sad!! That's a pie-slicer?! Looks like it could slice through a rock! Hope your finger feels better!

Char - scrpbkngal said...

Oh no! That is too bad! I love Pampered Chef stuff so I am sorry to hear that happened! I will have to watch when I use that next!
Love your blog!


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