Wednesday, September 3, 2008

I've been tagged

I've been tagged by Stacey, and I am just now getting around to posting my answers.

What was I doing Ten Years Ago?...
~I was a freshman at University of Illinois, Urbana-Champaign. I was probably at the Union getting a toasted bagel with veggie cream cheese in between classes. It was my fave thing to do. Then I would sit in a room where someone was always playing the piano. It was so relaxing, and I loved it.

Five Things On Today's "To Do" List ...
~Take Gabe to his first day of PreK
~Get school supplies for Gabe
~Load up birthday party stuff for Graedon that my mom has picked up for him.
~Make dinner (I have no clue what we are going to have)
~Post about Gabe's first day of school later on.

I'm addicted to...
~the Internet
~Chocolate Oreos (at the moment)
~blog reading

Things I Would Do If I Were a Millionaire...
~Build our dream house that we would settle down in for the rest of out lives!
~Go on a week long trip to Disney World with the kiddos!
~Plan a trip to Italy with my hubby!

Places I have Lived...
Clinton, IN
Urbana, IL
Terre Haute, IN

I am going to tag:

1 comment:

shirley319 said...

Hi Stacy! I saw your profile on Feeling Scrappy. Love your scrapping style.
We have something else in common - the U of I - I currently live in Champaign.
Keep up the great work!


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