Monday, September 15, 2008

Weekend project

The boys' room has been what Gabe calls a "baby room" since before Gabe was born. His nursery was John Lennon's "A Musical Parade" and my mom and I had painted the mural on the wall. You can see what the "baby room" looked like in some of the before pictures. So, the boys were at my dad's for the whole weekend, and my mom and I decided to tackle the project of redoing their room. I had been wanting to redo the room in a train theme, but I hadn't found the right type of train that I wanted. I didn't want Thomas, I wanted realistic trains so the boys could grow with the same room. Well, my mom found this great calendar with trains in it, and we framed some of those pictures. We bought shadow box frames and painted them red then distressed them. I think it is my fave part of the room. We got an older twin bed frame that was white, and we painted it red for Graedon's bed. We also painted a little book shelf that was green. I really love how it turned out!

Here is a picture of the mural. I was a little sad to see it go, but I love the results!

Here is the new little boy train room! This shows the little book shelf that now acts as an entertainment area for the Spongebob TV and DVD player and the V-Smile. The train sign is actually a bank that mom got Gabe for Christmas 2 years ago. You can see one of the framed train pics really good here. Also, I got 2 valances from Big Lots fro $3 each. What a steal!

Here is Gabe's bed. I really wanted to get some train bedding, at least some sheets, but I got the Wall-E sets for $4.50 on clearance. I couldn't pass it up.

Here are Graedon's name letters. This shelf is above his headboard. They were painted as a gift for his room at the baby shower that my church had for me. They match perfectly. Sorry I don't have a better shot of his bed. And here is a close up of the entertainment area. Thanks for looking, and a BIG THANKS to my mom for all of her help!!

Here are the boys when they came home and found their new room!

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Amy said...

What a great room! They are going to love did a fabulous job!


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