Tuesday, December 2, 2008

December One

The holiday season is officially upon us. I guess it has been upon us for a little bit, but there is just something about the first day of December marking the start of the Christmas hustle and bustle. It was even more special today when I awoke to it snowing outside. It really did feel like Christmas outside and inside. We've been busy decorating our Christmas tree and getting our decorations out around the house. I still have 2 totes to go through and the outside to finish up, but it truly is beginning to look a lot like Christmas here at the Killion house.

I hope everyone truly had a wonderful Thanksgiving weekend. Ours was not what we had expected. Chad and were actually sick, but I was able to make it to my family's dinner an hour late. Chad stayed at home on the couch. I felt really bad for him. He had been talking about Thanksgiving and what he was going to eat for weeks, and then he ends up sick and misses the meal! I have bought a turkey breast, and I will make a small Thanksgiving dinner here for us this week. I know it won't make up for what he missed, but it is at least something.

We are now on the countdown until the man in the big red coat arrives, and I am so looking forward to new traditions and memories to start with the boys. We have holiday parties, birthdays, Christmas programs, great food and awesome family time to look forward to. I can't wait to make hot chocolate, watch Christmas shows with the boys and drive around to look at Christmas lights together. This is such a magical time of the year, and I hope it just slows down a bit for me to savor every moment!

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