Saturday, December 6, 2008

Nothing at all

Today we did nothing at all. We didn't even leave the house.
It was just a quiet day at home. I finished getting the decorations out and about the house. I even did a little outside decorating on our front porch. It was just a nice day to lounge around and just catch up on enjoying being home. Sometimes we need these type of days to recoup and reenergize, especially after a busy week.

One highlight of the day included day 5 of our advent calendar. Today was a "do something" day. It actually had more to do with tonight. It was a sleepover night. A sleepover night in our house consists airing up the air mattress and all of us sleeping on it downstairs. Gabe actually calls it camping out, but the boys love it, and it is nice for us all to sleep in the same room. It's a little hard to get the boys to sleep at a decent hour. Actually it is pretty impossible, but it is the thought that we are making memories for the boys that counts. We've left the Christmas tree lights on and we are going to sleep by the light of the tree tonight. I am really liking this advent calendar thing. It makes me follow through with fun activities for the boys and me too!


Stacey said...

That sounds soooo fun!!!!! Did they ever sleep?? :) I love how you included things to do in your advent calendar!!!

Char said...

Isn't fun to have a Nothing at all day? I sure love it!


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